For most home buyers, the search begins online before ever talking to an agent. In fact, in 2020, 97% of all homebuyers surveyed used the internet in their search for a home. That's why taking high quality photographs is one of the most important steps of selling a home. 

New Leaf Team is very lucky to have an agent who is also a professional photographer on our team. Kelly takes beautiful photos of our listings and will work with you to make sure we get top notch photos of your home. But before she walks through the door with her camera, there's a few things you should do to help prepare for your home's photo shoot.

  • Tidy the yard: make sure your yard is cleaned up with freshly mown grass, cleaned flowerbeds, and yard waste disposed of. Make sure all toys, bikes, and other items are stored away and make sure your patio set is clean and inviting.

  • Turn on the lights: while the photographer will use flash in photos, it always helps to have bright lighting in the room. Make sure there are no missing or burned-out bulbs and open your blinds and curtains to let natural light in.

  • Make sure there is open space: a home that feels cozy in person can look jumbled in photos. Make sure there is room to walk around furniture and consider putting larger items in storage while your home is on the market. Counters should be 75% empty and your fridge should have minimal paperwork and magnets on it.

  • Clean your home & make it shine: the camera will magnify grime in your home. Go through each room and take time to dust, clean floors, and make sure each room shines its brightest.

  • Snap pictures with your own camera: take a few photos with your camera or cell phone to see what they may look like before the photographer arrives. This will help you see what changes you can make.

  • Add color: if you think your rooms are looking dull, add a pop of color with a plant, bright vase, or colorful blanket on a couch.

  • Keep the home in shape: buyers who like the house online will expect to see it in similar condition when they come to visit. Do your best to keep it clean and tidy while on the market.

If you're ready to put your home on the market, our team would love to work with you! Call our agents at (434) 214-6121 to discuss your goals. 


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